While studying at Princeton, I realized I had a passion for creating tech that makes managing businesses much more effective. In between stints at Microsoft and a startup in San Francisco, I spent 8 years at Bridgewater, building the tech that systematically manages over $150b in AUM. I couldn't be more excited about the results we will see as we bring that same systematic, data and model-driven approach to venture capital.


Being extremely pragmatic, listening before analyzing, writing programs for gaming, and "casually" walking a 6:15 mile. 

what i'm known for:

I joined the investment team at Insight Partners right out of undergrad. I spent my career there identifying and working with some of the coolest brand-name software and internet deals. It continues to amaze me how quickly the status quo changes in tech, and the improvement that drives in our lives.Tradition and innovation are best when married together- convention keeps things running but innovation sets the course to an undiscovered destination. I can't wait to work with the best entrepreneurs in the world.


Good questions, a "get it done" mentality, coding an app as a gift for my engineer husband, owning six pairs of identical pants to save time in the morning, and the ability to out-eat almost everyone at the table. 

what i'm known for:

My career started in Growth began when I picked up the phone and answered “Good morning, Insight Partners.” I quickly fell in love with the world of Growth and worked my way to Vice President at Insight, then Principal at ICONIQ Capital before launching my own fund. My partner and I (you'll meet her next) have deployed over $2.2B of capital. I've evaluated investments in 35 countries, seen 28 deals close, been involved in boards in 5 countries, and am a TOTAL DEAL JUNKIE.


Never giving up, my unquenchable thirst for learning new things, speaking 7 languages (and counting), my homemade croissants, and my zero shame game - listening to Christmas music all year long.

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After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em), I spent 3 years at Strategy and Accenture focused on M&A, from pre-deal diligence to post merger integration strategy. Projects included integration strategy at a $33 billion biotech merger and due diligence for a $15 billion luxury retail merger. Now I am focusing my knowledge and expertise to help dedicated founders successfully grow their companies.


Not needing sleep, using duct tape to fix everything and cycling 80 miles on any given Saturday for fun.

what i'm known for:

I love working with entrepreneurs to reshape industries through technology. Before working with Full In Partners, I spent three years at Notch Partners, where I worked  at the intersection of private equity buyout investors and technology CEOs developing proprietary investment theses and deal ideas. I’m a proud graduate of Davidson College (Go Wildcats) and am an avid fan of Florida’s many underachieving sports teams.


Finding creative approaches to solving problems, playing jazz guitar, not having an inside voice, and being declared a "swamp creature" by at least one entrepreneur.

what i'm known for:

Little did I know that a wonderful friendship would turn into such an exciting adventure. With a vast Human Resource background and a passion for always acquiring knowledge, the team at Full In tasked me with building and managing the firm's Human Resources department where we are the Keepers of the Culture. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be this happy.


Being compassionate, persistent, and understanding with a rough-around-the-edges feel. Get to know me, we’ll be great friends. I am a left-handed, don’t tell me no, I’ll prove you wrong kind of gal.

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I first learned how to build companies from the ground up at a tech incubator in Boston. I continued exploring the intersection of technology and finance by helping to develop software that powers the daily investments and research at Bridgewater Associates. Now, I'm combining those experiences and moving from building technology to make investments to making investments in great technologies. 


Genuine desire to learn from experiences and failures, well-rounded perspective, and dreams of being a professional hockey player, a world-renowned painter, and an underground rock star.

what i'm known for:

I have been working for software focused VC/PE firms for most of my career and have managed funds ranging from $40M to $5B. It’s fun being surrounded by people who dream of making big dollars, and I love being the person that makes sure those dollars are real. Being a bean counter can be boring at times, but not when you work with a phenomenal group of investors who have magic beans.


Being a huge Philadelphia sports fan, being the coolest accountant in the room, and my accounting intern (aka my puppy who is fittingly named Cash 😊)

what i'm known for:

Whoever knows the rules best, plays the game best. This is why I became a lawyer and dedicated 10+ years advising multinational companies on their cross-border deals and structuring financial transactions. Now, after meeting the Full In family, a family that truly puts the entrepreneurs primero, I am ever-inspired to put my legal skills towards helping up-and-comers play their best game without feeling hindered by rules. 


Putting pedal to the metal with strict coolness and fairness. A futbol fanatic, a trivial pursuit whiz, and a good scotch appreciator. You can also call me Lord Gabriel.

what i'm known for:

I have 25 years of experience in business management, spanning 3 continents and 5 languages — the first half spent as an executive of companies like GE, the second launching startups and growing digital operations. I have served multiple times as CEO, turning around a couple of SME’s and managing operations of up to 3,000 people. I am a scholar of the common patterns on the path from startup to grown-up, and believe success is largely designed into organisations.


Full In's most interesting Man in the World. Also, training professional tennis players, shamelessly overstating his skills as a pasta chef, and overdoing semantics.

what i'm known for: