"Cannot say how thankful I'm for so much support from her. Elodie saved our business from collapsing by bringing Thomas [new CEO]  on board. That was the best ever value-add from all investors involved in our company.”

 "Elodie saved our business from collapsing."

Justas Janauskas, CEO Vinted

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"Full In represents a great model for true partnership between founders and growth capital with a mission. They will not sell you, they’ll be honest and up-front and tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear."

 "Full In will not sell you, they'll be honest and up-front"

Ken McElrath, CEO Skuid

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“They are bright, personable, passionate, understood the education market, cared about the education market, cared about making a difference, listened well and were engaged. Plus they are  honest, hardworking, caring, fun and easy to work with.” 

"Full In is honest, hardworking, caring, fun, and easy to work with.”

Lane Rankin, CEO Illuminate Ed.

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"It’s rare to meet people that have both the passion to succeed and the intellectual intelligence that Full In bring to every interaction. They have  an intuitive sense of where real value lies (often in places others don’t see) and don't let anything get in their way. They don't let “the deal” sway them when the answers aren’t good. They stays strategic and are some of the best communicators that I know."

"Full In has an intuitive sense of where real value lies."

Bob DeSantis, COO Conga

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