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We’re striving to be self-aware VCs (can you imagine?!). This means recognizing that as much as we love learning from you and helping you strategize, we often don’t have the experience set you need to best support your point-in-time  needs. But somewhere out there is someone who does. We are building a network of highly tactical operators who will be available to you on-demand. So when you need it, we can provide the support necessary to keep you achieving your potential.

As VCs, a signed term sheet meant we had a month-long sprint to closing the deal. But we’ve had it easy. We know the investment process puts tremendous strain on you and your team, often taking your focus away from what matters: building the company we both love.

We want to change that. We are working to provide you with white-glove service when it comes to diligence – painless and hands-free! 

Information is power, and we want to give you access to as much information as possible so you are empowered to make the best decisions for your business. We are developing educational tools to help you better understand your business. Curious how you stack up against your peers? Wondering what it takes to get to the three-comma-club? Use our free valuation calculator and diagnostic tools to better understand your company’s value potential.

We've watched entrepreneurs sacrifice  precious time taking calls with junior analysts, enduring fund-specific investment processes, and spending months raising capital, often at the expense of operating their businesses.

 This felt wrong. So we left! 

We started Full In to build a fund tailored to YOUR needs. We are obsessed with our customers (you!) and are committed to building you valuable tools…for free.  Because we feel the best way to earn your trust is to prove our value and partnership ahead of ever being on your cap table. We want to show you that we are truly here FOR YOU and that our success is only measurable by your success. 

real value-add

painless diligence

free tools

We felt VCs could do more...


...so here's what we're doing: 

Our founding team is two moms and a CTO. Being different isn’t a marketing ploy: it’s the ethos of our ambition. With that, we are making you the following promise: we will

1.  Always put you first – our tools are for everyone and our capital is for excellence, no matter your age, gender, education or race
2.  Deliver on our promises to empower you with information and reduce frictions in the fund raising process
3.  Take your feedback seriously -VCs don’t spare you their advice – so please! Send us yours!

We walk the walk

what makes us different

Never giving up, my unquenchable thirst for learning new things, speaking seven languages (and counting), my homemade croissants, and my zero shame game - listening to Christmas music all year long.

what I'm known for:

My career in VC began when I picked up the phone and answered “Good morning, Insight Venture Partners.” I quickly fell in love with the world of venture capital and worked my way to Vice President at Insight, then Principal at ICONIQ Capital before launching my own fund.   My partner and I (you'll meet her next) have deployed over $2.2B of capital. I've evaluated investments in 35 countries, seen 28 deals close, been involved in boards in 5 countries, and am a TOTAL DEAL JUNKIE.  

I've worked my way from front desk to founder. I've competed gymnastics on broken bones.  Put me on your team- I do what it takes to win.


Good questions, a "get it done" mentality, coding an app as an anniversary gift for my engineer husband, owning six pairs of identical pants to save time in the morning, and the ability to out-eat almost everyone at the table. 

what I'm known for:

 I joined the investment team at Insight Venture Partners right out of undergrad. I spent my career there identifying and working with some of the coolest brand-name software and internet deals. It continues to amaze me how quickly the status quo changes in tech, and the improvement that drives in our lives.Tradition and innovation are best when married together- convention keeps things running but innovation sets the course to an undiscovered destination. I can't wait to work with the best entrepreneurs in the world.

I graduated Harvard in 3 years. I lived in a Buddhist monastery.  I am a marriage of tradition + innovation.


Being extremely pragmatic, listening before analyzing, writing programs for gaming, and "casually" walking a 6:15 mile. 

what I'm known for:

While studying at Princeton, I realized I had a passion for creating tech that makes managing businesses much more effective. In between stints at Microsoft and a startup in San Francisco, I spent 8 years at Bridgewater, building the tech that systematically manages over $150b in AUM. I couldn't be more excited about the results we will see as we bring that same systematic, data and model-driven approach to venture capital.

I ran the largest technology development team at the world's largest hedge fund. #BOSS



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We are working on creating simple, fun tools for you to better understand your business. If you're interested in being part of the beta, please sign up below.


Be on the lookout for an email from the team letting you know when new tools are available!

"Cannot say how thankful I'm for so much support from her. Elodie saved our business from collapsing by bringing Thomas [new CEO]  on board. That was the best ever value-add from all investors involved in our company.”

 "Elodie saved our business from collapsing."

Justas Janauskas, CEO Vinted

kind words

"It’s rare to meet someone that has both the passion to succeed and the intellectual intelligence Elodie brings to every interaction. She has an intuitive sense of where real value lies (often in places others don’t see) and doesn’t let anything get in her way. She doesn’t let “the deal” sway her when the answers aren’t good. She stays strategic and is one of the best communicators that I know." 

"Elodie has an intuitive sense of where real value lies."

Bob DeSantis, COO Conga

kind words

“She is bright, personable, passionate, understood the education market, cared about the education market, cared about making a difference, listened well and was engaged. Plus she is  honest, hardworking, caring, fun and easy to work with.” 

"Elodie is honest, hardworking, caring, fun,  and easy to work with.”

Lane Rankin, CEO Illuminate Ed.

kind words


We really ARE doing our best to make working with us easy and valuable. Please take a minute to share any thoughts on our vision. Your feedback helped to get us this far - but as the industry evolves so will your needs, and we want to be in front of them!

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